I know what you’re thinking. “Hotmail? What is this, 1998?” If you’re still using Hotmail for your email needs then maybe it’s time to get with the times and sign up for a Gmail account. But before you switch, make sure to read these 10 tips that will improve your experience with Hotmail and help make sure that there are no hiccups in switching over!

Use Hotmail


Tip #01: Add a signature to your messages with all of the important information. A signature is usually at the end of an email and includes contact info, links, or other pertinent business-related details that you don’t want people to have to search for later on in their inbox when they reply back.

Tip #02: Know which folders to use. There are two main categories for the default Hotmail email account types – Personal and Business. You can also create your own folder in Hotmail so that you can organize messages by project, time frame or any other way you want!

Tip #03: Sync with Outlook if it’s a more comfortable system of choice. Hotmail is a great email account to use but it doesn’t stop you from using other systems – if Outlook and Mac Mail are more your style then simply go into settings and sync them!

Tip #04: Don’t just reply all. It’s tempting, especially when there’s an urgent situation going on or the conversation has multiple people involved. But don’t just reply all – not everyone needs to be included in on the conversation, and there’s a risk that one person will send out an email with sensitive information or something embarrassing!

Tip #05: Create folders for your drafts folder. You might think it sounds weird to have another inbox but sometimes you can get overwhelmed with all the messages you’re sending and receiving, so create a drafts email folder that’s just for those unfinished emails.

Tip #06: Use social media to your advantage! I don’t know about you but sometimes it can be hard find important links or information on my phone when I’m away from my computer – which is why it’s helpful to have a social media folder in Hotmail Inloggen! Just create folders and add the important links or information you want so that they’re always available on your phone.

Tip #07: Make use of filters. Filters are an excellent way to sort out all the emails coming into your inbox, especially if you get tons of messages from the same sender – just set up an automatic filter so that the messages automatically go into a folder of your choice!

Tip #08: Get more storage. If you need more space to store all your emails then we’ve got good news for you! For only $20 per year, Hotmail will give you unlimited storage in their cloud system.

Tip #09: Don’t be afraid to delete. If you’re looking for a way to clean up your Posteingang, this is one of the quickest ways! Simply select all messages in your folder and click on “delete” – it’s that easy!

Tip #10: Automate emails with www.hotmail.co.uk Connector. Hotmail Connector is an easy way to automate your emails and never have to log into the account. It’s a great tool for those who want their email coming in on time with no effort required!